Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drop Crotch

I am not a big fan of the drop crotch. I find that there is a limited amount of people who can thoroughly pull it off without any sort of odd/curious double-take involved. HOWEVER, I have found the ultimate pair on eBay. They whole over-masculine crotch bulging diaper look is completely overshadowed by the sequins.
Oh and check out this sweater, hella sick or what! (Sorry for the hella, I can't help it, I'm from San Francisco.)

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The Vogue Society said...

Loving the sweater and the tulle skirt, I kinda like those glittery pants too, even thought their droopy Lol

Miranda said...

those pants are crazy/beautiful to quote a kirsten dunst movie :)

cool blog!

Vintage Tea said...

these rock! Im loving the sequins trews.

Krystal said...

those pants!! amazing x