Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spring Semester

tank-top: uo, jeans: f21, boots: fiorentini + baker
I am so pumped for this new Spring Semester, for several reasons. Numero uno: It is the beginning of Obama's reign, yes I did just say reign. Numero dos: new semester means new grades which is a fresh start! And last but not least, spring collections!!! Oh my, I cannot wait to spend hours in Barney's trying on pieces I will never in my teenage or probably even adult life be able to afford, but it still feels so good. There is something about the feeling of a non-polyester blended fabric that just rings so sweetly to my little ears.

This summer I am going to New York! I was accepted into a summer art program at School of Visual Arts University on scholarship (thank god!), I think it is in Gramercy but I can be mistaken). I will be spending 3 weeks painting and taking some hella sick photographs.


Krystal said...

so fun!

v said...

love the photos


Rosanna said...

wow! congrats on getting into that art program. It sounds like such a great opportunity :)


The beautiful and glammed said...

amazing shot, its great! new fan and follower of your blog <3 bisous x