Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cliché Teens

I told myself I was not going to see Twilight but I gave in. Personally, Robert Pattison makes me cringe. Although in the movie he looked much more put together, the thought of his "hobo-NOTchic" hair and scruff (which I usually like, just not on him!) overwhelms my mind. We considered dressing up like vampires (see photos below) but then decided to save our antics for the new Potter film, DUH! Anyways.. after the movie we all headed to a friends house in Berkeley, grabbed dinner at a Thai restaurant on Telegraph where I had the cutest/tiniest cappuccino EVER and raided the American Apparel store. FYI: Long sleeve Double U-Neck dress and bodysuit are hot(t).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Wish List

...So far. In my family we take pride in our gift giving. We have the official presents from our own parents (usually something more pricey) and then we do a "Secret Santa". We also have rules: 1.) No clothes (excluding shoes and accessories). No money gift$. And no gift cards. 
Here is my list of way too expensive items. 

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume It has a light, fresh, girly scent which counteracts my androgyny in outfits. 

2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupé in Red Taboo  I find it difficult to pick a shade that actually looks good on me. This is my perfect shade. It is sort of a blue-red. Plus it is super balmy, which I love. 

3. T3 Hair Straightener This is sad and almost embarrassing to admit but I've been using a curling iron as a hair straightener for the past year. 

4. Nikon D60 A girl can dream right? I have been surviving of an old film camera and point and shoot Canon on manual mode. Actually if anyone is instrested in a camera, this website is the best because they have the lowest prices and most of the DSLR camera's they offer come with a 15-55mm AND 55-200mm lenses. THATS CRAZY! My photography teacher buys all his camera's off this site. It's legit. 

5. Jeffrey Campbell Studded Moccasin Do I really need a reason? They are comfortable, versatile, and studded. 

6. Spike Ring Again, this needs to explanation. It's painfully sweet. Though at first I thought of the dangera I might bring upon myself but then I realized that it can doubled as Brass-Knuckles the next time I have to take the bus through the Tenderloin at night! (Tenderloin = Place you NEVER want to be. Day or night) 

7. Sigerson Morrison for Target Studded Flats So as a mere sophomore in high school and the fact that I walk 8 blocks to the public bus stop from my house and 5 to school, am stepped on and swayed from right to left on the 7:15AM bus ride to school where I am suffocated by fellow students and worked all around me, these are both functional and cute. Plus they are pretty damn cheap. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I feel it in my bones

It's been getting gold here. I wish we could go back to September; I could wear my soft cotton summer dresses and high-waisted patterned skirts; my dad's button up work shirts as dresses and rompers. I dreaded the walk from the Muni stop (Muni= SF public bus system) to school. The measly four blocks seemed like paved streets of hell, only hell in Siberia and Siberia in San Francisco. I couldn't feel my finger tips because I stupidly forget my gloves at home and I could not use my warm breath to revive my bloodless fingers because my mouth was, at the time, blocked by one of the scarves which I was strangling my neck, ears, and mouth with in order to attain some warmth while the other was draping down my torso. I could literally sense the bitter air blow through the fibers of my clothes, making its vicious decent to my skin, tissue, blood and violently forcing itself into the crevice's of my brain. Unfortunately for me and my passion, some of the best photographs are taken in 40 degree weather with a foggy overhang. To be honest, it was beautiful for photography weather. Rays of light would push through the clouds of dusk and majestically beam onto faces, flowers, streets... I brought my Dad's old Minolta film camera and about 3 rolls of black and white film. I shot in manual because it has a built in hold school light meter (the kind with the needle) and takes the most amazing photo's. The darks are thick and the lights illuminate off the print. I know it will turn out amazing. I was able to capture a dime of a rather rotund homeless women reclining on a tree. Her face was wrinkled and her eyes sorrowful. Her hair was curly and unkempt. Her clothes were poorly fitted and stained with dirt, sweat and grease. She was smoking a cigarette. I was hesitant to ask her to pose but not pose per-say- she was was perfect the way she was-  just remain as she was. As I walked by, slightly straying from I path I must admit, she said in her raspy Joplin-esque voice "Hey, got a ciggawet." I didn't want to make fun of her lisp but I chuckled a bit. I began to tell her that I don't smoke until she cut me off, "I don't cawe (care in her lisp) maybe you can spawe (spare) a few bucks." I told I would give her money if she let me take some photos. She did. I gave her $8. Enough for breakfast I hope, although I feel like she might just spend it on some more ciggawets or a cheap bottle of Vodka. I will have the photo's developed tomorrow and post some on the blog. If any are good, I plan on bringing the negatives to my schools Dark Room and getting some of them print on a larger scale. 

*capture a dime - ten shots. 

Friday, November 28, 2008

La Familia

(Me, sister, cousin)
(Me, cousin)

(The car ride there.)
(Car ride there)
Thanksgiving was pretty crazy. Thankfully there was really good weather. I had to leave the city to go to the rest of my family in Marin. They have this beautiful house with a pool (which you will never find in SF). I was wrong on my estimation by the way. I was only aware of the family that came, when there where also 2 other families who were not actually related to us there too. I made a final count of 26 not including the dogs who were constantly mooching for food.  

Dress- American Apparel 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Golden Lady

I am writing this as if I am speaking or another person. It's weird because I know that nobody is actually reading this- rather than the random passerby who is simply looking at the "resent members" section on the home page. Wait, is there even one of those? Anyways, I'm digressing... until I get this all together, I thought I would put up some recent photographs I took.