Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cliché Teens

I told myself I was not going to see Twilight but I gave in. Personally, Robert Pattison makes me cringe. Although in the movie he looked much more put together, the thought of his "hobo-NOTchic" hair and scruff (which I usually like, just not on him!) overwhelms my mind. We considered dressing up like vampires (see photos below) but then decided to save our antics for the new Potter film, DUH! Anyways.. after the movie we all headed to a friends house in Berkeley, grabbed dinner at a Thai restaurant on Telegraph where I had the cutest/tiniest cappuccino EVER and raided the American Apparel store. FYI: Long sleeve Double U-Neck dress and bodysuit are hot(t).


M @ Wearfare said...

Nice vampire style - although personally I fell head over heels (stylish heels of course) for Robert. Saw the movie 6 times! (5 times in one week) He can bite me any day hahaha

- M

Anonymous said...

aw cute! i love the last picture