Friday, November 28, 2008

La Familia

(Me, sister, cousin)
(Me, cousin)

(The car ride there.)
(Car ride there)
Thanksgiving was pretty crazy. Thankfully there was really good weather. I had to leave the city to go to the rest of my family in Marin. They have this beautiful house with a pool (which you will never find in SF). I was wrong on my estimation by the way. I was only aware of the family that came, when there where also 2 other families who were not actually related to us there too. I made a final count of 26 not including the dogs who were constantly mooching for food.  

Dress- American Apparel 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Golden Lady

I am writing this as if I am speaking or another person. It's weird because I know that nobody is actually reading this- rather than the random passerby who is simply looking at the "resent members" section on the home page. Wait, is there even one of those? Anyways, I'm digressing... until I get this all together, I thought I would put up some recent photographs I took.