Monday, April 6, 2009


Spring Break has officially started. Unfortunately, all of my plans happen after it is over.

Spring Break
 - Study for AP exams (3 of them! How delightful!) 
 - Superfluous homework. 
 - Finish my DIY version of this bad boyI  and bad boyII
yeah not so eventful...  now lets look at the far more superior

 - Britney Spears concert 
 - Coachella, 3 Day Tickets (say what!) and a room at the motel/hotel like 3 blocks away. I booked the room months before the festivities and line-up were even announced. 
Oh and... guess who got her permit!? (Insert permit dance and song here). Pictures above are me driving in Jokeland to pick up my friend for some BFF bonding. GNO Fosho. 

P.S: Jokeland = Oakland. 


Victoria C said...

Have a great spring break, good job on getting your permit. I saw Britney here and she was awesome, have so much fun seeing her! xx

kaitlyn said...

i'm going to britney toooo!!! ah i'm so excited. and oh god, i do NOT miss AP exams. haha. don't forget to bring a watch with you! time always go by so damn fast during ap exams.